The Sacred Women Oracle / Oráculo Mujeres Sagradas is a game of 30 cards that seek to empower migrant Latinas in the United States. The migration journey from Central America to the United States is particularly predatory for women from Central America. According to Amnesty International, six in 10 women and girl migrants experience sexual violence throughout their route. Once in the US, Latinas are still in a vulnerable position. Compared to white women, Hispanic women’s HIV diagnosis rate is three times higher, and their teen pregnancy and birth rates are more than double.

    The Sacred Women Oracle offers healing and self-caring advice to Latinas resettling in the United States. It encourages them to look for educational programs, acquire new language skills, take care of their bodies and minds, and be proactive in their legal immigration status. Each card represents a specific divinity from Native American cultures, including the Maya civilization stretched throughout Central America, the Aztecs in central Mexico, the Inca Empire extended along with the Andean South America, and the Mapuche culture of Chile and Argentina.    

The cards are categorized into three topics: Healing, Wisdom, and Protection. Healing introduces goddesses associated with health, self-care, and reproduction—Wisdom with creativity and education, and Protection with justice and community. Besides the card deck, three booklets go in-depth on these same topics.

Sacred Women is a thesis project by Carolina Sepúlveda for Harvard GSD, MDes, Art, Design and the Public Domain, 2020.