The main essay guides the research, accompanied by mythological, historical, and narratives of migrant women that invite for a non-linear reading of the project.

A series of cartographies present the many scales of the project and the migratory journey's threats and stages, including details of the Mexico-Guatemala border, the Mexico-US border, the location of detention centers in the U.S., the transit in Mexico and the different routes migrants take, including the La Bestia train.

Lastly, the Lexicon, which is part of the effort of evidencing the landscape of migration, presents keywords that are part of the United States and Mexico border and migration regimes.

Some words are asylum seeker, detention centers, family detention, private prisons, crimmigration, Programa Frontera Sur (Southern Frontier Program),
U.S. Patriot Act, Zero-Tolerance Policy, among others.

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Sacred Women is a thesis project by Carolina Sepúlveda for Harvard GSD, MDes, Art, Design and the Public Domain, 2020.